About Us

Welcome to Lvibes - your online Islamic fashion e-store for affordable, trendy clothing, jewelry and all other women’s fashion accessories. LVIBES is a Pakistan based online brand, with no physical stores. All of our products are designed and built upon three elements; Vintage, Ethnic and Contemporary.  We love to focus on combinations of various colors, textures and prints to produce the very best in terms of unique, modern, sophisticated and elegant modest wear. Our designs reflect distinct fusion of different periods in history, cultural art and high fashion, as well as current trends to offer you the ultimate modest fashion experience.


As a fast, fashion forward global modest fashion brand, we strive to maintain a balance between current trends, comfort and practicality without compromising on beliefs. Our products are designed with versatility in mind in terms of the style we offer. This diversity reflects our own eclectic taste and thus showcasing this versatility through our products is a rather organic process. We go to great lengths to understand the demands and preferences of our customers. This information is then incorporated into our design process and combined with our own style and creativity; the results are fresh, creative, unique garments rich in little gems, which are conveyed through attention to minor details.


Our collection of women's shoes, tops, cute summer dresses, accessories and more will liven up your closet and make you the envy of fusionist as everywhere. Not only are many of our styles on the edge of modern trends, they're priced affordably too so you don't have to spend your savings to get the look you want. With our versatile selection of clothing, women's shoes and accessories, there's something for everyone.


Team- Lvibes connects with women’s and understands the importance of this need. The passion to take this challenge head on has taken us across oceans to Europe, America, India and many other continents. Enjoy superior customer service, budget-friendly prices of our products.